Give a much-loved piece a new lease of life

You may have inherited a shabby armchair and want to make it your own. Perhaps you have a sagging sofa that’s become uncomfortable or maybe you just fancy a new look.

If you own a piece by a reputable brand with a solid wood frame, re-upholstery certainly makes sense. It prolongs the life of your furniture and saves you having to buy inferior quality, imported goods.

Re-upholstery is where our business began. Adrian is an expert at reworking furniture and only uses fabrics and fillings that meet strict fire regulations. Choose from modern foams or traditional materials like wool felt, hog hair and coir, and from a host of sumptuous fabrics.

Re-upholstery & Restoration

Restore your furniture to its former glory

Restoration includes everything from repairing breaks and replacing carvings to fine gilding and French polishing. It applies to furniture of all eras, not just antiques, and of all types – chairs, tables, desks, cabinets etc.

Homes are for living in. Children run riot, spillages happen. Shoes and pets cause scuffs and tears. Mechanisms break with over use. From minor touch-ups to major repairs, we’ll restore precious pieces for years of future enjoyment.

Adrian’s son, Alex, has inherited his artisan gene. Watch this video of them working together to create a fabulous sofa.

Re-upholstery & Restoration - ercol recover

Sourcing furniture and special commissions

Buying furniture from sites like ebay can be hit or miss. Traditional auctions often prove more fruitful. Adrian can attend auctions on your behalf. He can tell immediately if a piece has woodworm, if the frame is sound and if the castors are original.

Adrian excels at special commissions such as hard-wearing seating for commercial use or one-off domestic designs.