Upholstery and Restoration

Adrian has worked on a huge range of furniture over many years, however his enthusiasm for the industry never wanes. One of his favourite types of work is working on pieces that our clients have an emotional attachment to, this could be anything from an inherited chair to a chair you sat on as a child. Other work includes recovery of the family sofa, dining chairs, headboards etc and as we have been established for so long Adrian has often upholstered the same piece of furniture two or three times, for example he recently upholstered a huge bench in the Music room at the Brighton Pavilion for the third time!

He is equally happy to upholster using traditional methods or new and innovative ones, sometimes working with students from the University on their experimental designs. Whether your project is large or small, get in touch and he will be happy to discuss it with you in detail.

Upholstery Restoration brighton hove
A before and after
B before and after v4

Making a Sofa Video

This video features Adrian upholstering a sofa for his son Alex. The project was completed by Alex during his degree at Northumbria University in 2012 where he studied 3D Design. He has subsequently gone on to specialising in furniture design and manufacture. This video is a lovely record of his skill and development as well as showcasing Adrian's brilliant upholstery.