Changing with the times

Adrian Robins Interiors was established in 1983, when Brighton was full of antique shops. We started out as re-upholsterers but over time the market became flooded with imported goods. We couldn’t compete on price and weren’t prepared to compromise on quality, so we decided to expand our service offering. Our business has grown organically through word-of-mouth referral. We now have a loyal following of clients who appreciate quality and craftsmanship. They come back to us time and again and recommend us to family and friends.

Adrian & Denise – a winning combination

Adrian is an expert in antique and modern re-upholstery. He’s been in the trade since 1975 when he began a gruelling 6 year apprenticeship to master the skill. He specializes in chairs and sofas and has done a lot of work for Brighton Pavilion and Preston Manor. However, he can re-upholster just about anything – headboards, window seats, lecture theatres etc. Adrian takes huge pride in what he does and personally carries out every commission he takes on.

Denise is well-versed in every aspect of interior design but has particular expertise in textiles. She knows her stock inside out and can lead you to the perfect fabric, wallpaper or paint. She’s familiar with different types of property and can advise you on what will work and why. Denise has an eye for design and a head for practicalities. She takes into account lifestyle needs as well as personal tastes and never judges you on the choices you make.

Supporting British designers and eco-friendly initiatives

Green issues are important to us. We source products from British designers wherever possible. Local distribution helps to reduce emissions as well as the cost of the materials you purchase.

We ensure waste is kept to a minimum, donating offcuts of fabric to local schools and craftspeople. If you move house, we’re more than happy to alter your curtains and re-upholster your furniture so that you don’t have to buy something new. We believe that good furniture should last for generations.

Here are a few things worth knowing about Adrian Robins

We offer luxury products but we’re not overpriced.

We’re skilled at what we do yet we’re incredibly down to earth.

We never rush you but we do finish your project on time.

We’re perfectionists and aren’t ashamed to admit it.

We offer free collection and delivery of goods to and from our workshop.



Discovering Denise and Adrian Robins a few years back was a real find! The couple are dedicated to understanding you the customer and what you are trying to achieve. They work with you, offering helpful friendly suggestions and advice to fashion the best possible results leaving you with years of pleasure. Whether it is a large project or small Denise and Adrian offer a true 'bespoke' service and are dedicated to getting it right and in so doing leave there larger competitors standing. Over the years we have worked with Denise and Adrian from furniture, wallpapers, curtains and blinds and their advice and help has been invaluable and a real joy.

Adrian & Alan, Hove